About Us

Mighty Mini Fr├źnn means Mighty Mini Friends, and so we are Mighty Friends of the legendary Mighty Mini, which was built over 40 years without any interruption.

In 1999, we founded the club in order to help other Mini friends with their Mini related problems and to make this mighty car more popular in our lovely country which is Luxembourg.

The Mini is not just a car designed in the 50's and famous since the 60's, but this car has written a big part of the motoring history.

Your average front wheel drive transport owes nearly everything to the Issigonis brainchild!! 

We hope to find a lot of other Mini friends to share their experiences and knowledge to keep this car going for another 50 years at least..

If you would like to join us or if you would like to get some infos about the club, don't hesitate to contact us.